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Last night I stood in front of the poets in the bookstore as if their spines held heads up, heads with faces I’d kissed. I reached for C.D. Wright, creaked her open. Frank O’Hara I hardly looked him in the eye. I don’t think I can bare up under poetry anymore, how it whittles me down, dies my wool, strings me out. How a line breaks.

I walked away like I had closed my eyes during an eclipse, like I’d missed something cosmic, an explosion or a beautiful coming together.

I know voice, but I blog and forget my punk ways. This place is safe, and I’m both glad and disheartened by it, how as a poet I would have to change my name.

Later a friend laid her books down on the table, and on top was Matthew Dickman, All American Poem, and I reached for him when she went for another drink. It was a dangerous move.


2.  How to Be an Explorer of the World from Brainpickings.

3. There’s only really one place we’re alive. No matter what a poem or a lover or a drink can do. Thanks to my dearest Ginny (who you need to know know know) I rightly remember life. She linked to this video the other day:

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hannah singer
Reply September 1, 2012

such goodness. thanks! xo

Robin ~ Pensieve
Reply September 1, 2012

Whew! Your way with words, Amber? Well, I'm pretty much buying whatever it is you're selling. They're that g o o d.


Reply September 1, 2012

the first three paragraphs here are among my most favorite of your words. amen and selah.

Reply September 1, 2012

Except...this here? What you write? Some of the best poetry I read.
Love this video I noticed it when I was crazed watching All Sons and Daughters a couple months ago and that popped up. Great.

Reply September 1, 2012

I really like Dickman's "All American Poem."

Reply September 1, 2012

These words "how is whittles me down" and "how the line breaks." Maybe that splains the punched in the gut feeling I get when I am finish with a poem, reading it. Being with it. Amber, your poetic you is a beautiful thing. When I catch my breath I want to read more. Whittled down, friend.

Southern Gal
Reply September 1, 2012

This is good. So good.

Reply September 2, 2012

Thank you Amber for this pure goodness. I love it.

Reply September 2, 2012

the thing i love about poetry is that i am so behind in discovering it that everything is new--it feels like christmas every new poem. and this "slow dance" was a beautiful gift for me this sabbath morning. oh, thank you.

Sarah Bessey
Reply September 2, 2012

Holy mother, that was an incredible poem. I can't hardly breathe.

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