Concrete: An Abstraction on the Necklace

Lately as I consider voice, a writer’s voice, I wonder how it is for you. If we all have one, I wonder about other things, other things that most of us have. Like your necklace, for example. If voice is cadence and music and space, how you write out the matter in your life and the meaning it gives, what about your necklace? It’s certainly different than mine. So how is it for you?

I chose the one that says “create.” It’s important to me: this word engraved in the necklace, the sound of it off the tongue. The time, too, was important. Lisa Leonard ties a scarf in her huge curls and dresses so easily, her gracious presence. She gave this necklace to me, heavy and silver now against the skin.

I was the third youngest at the beach house for our (in)courage retreat, and I felt it rightly, huffed into sudden tears every time I looked around and realized my place, how good it is to have big sisters who are shirking timidity and who are lovingly offering their art and admitting the struggle.

Sometimes my voice feels the weight of hush, the silence of taking in the story.  One spoke of her offended heart, the God grudge, while her beautiful hair, dirty blonde and long, the way her hands explain the wrestle while light shines from her eyes. One woman after another said “thankful,” “thankful,” thankful,” even while dirt rimmed our nails and we limped in our ill-chosen shoes.

We dripped sweat together crouched down in the quiet mulch, digging our hands in and filling buckets and spreading it out. We laid sod, too, for Habitat for Humanity. It made sense that we get dirty together, the Christian girls who drink from Bible verse mugs and connect in the air. We’re working it out, placing our hands in prayer, wrestling with our own blaring questions to God.

I came from the dirt. When I removed my necklace, it was coated in salt. It said CREATE. At home now I wear it under my neckline where people can’t see. I remember the dirty knees and girlie arm muscles pushing wheel barrels toward the house. It was only 2 hours, how my heart grew.

At home, Titus finds the chain and tugs it, like he does, like he tugs at all the things at my heart.

On Mondays I’m going to write on writing, which means that mostly I’ll write out spirit by practicing a little with the concrete things in my life and maybe in a fictional life. We’ll see. If you want to mess around with these little prompts, I’m always happy for you to put your link in my comments. Write on writing; practice writing; share it with us. Next week is on THE STAIRS. Thank you always for coming here.

Make sure to check out Lisa Leonard Designs. Her art is legit.

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Shelly Miller
Reply September 17, 2012

I love the way community with girlfriends helps us find our spot in the world. What a treasure you've had over the weeks doing just that. Thanks for the prompt, it brought back a memory (as those often do) that I'd forgotten about. Here's my take on the necklace:

Reply September 17, 2012

I so love reading your words. This morning, I wrote about "the necklace," too. Thank you for this exploration of voice, Amber. This opportunity here to work it out.

Reply September 17, 2012

I wrote fiction this morning...I like that best...

Reply September 17, 2012

OH miss Amber, your voice is loud and clear, and your heart, even more so.

(& continued prayers)

Reply September 17, 2012

This is salty and sweet and I see ya'll in the dirt with love for women and men, for humankind. But mostly I see you.
Thanks for the prompt which I wrote on for The Patient One today, to whom I have been married, well almost a quarter century. And he is that.
The Necklace. I think its his anniversary gift. I hope he likes it.

Reply September 17, 2012

Playing along today. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Reply September 17, 2012

I wear a little gold cross. I wear it because I want it to somehow say the things I am often far too timid to say. I wear it to remind me that I can say and be and do - in Him. I wear it to give voice to what my heart longs to be.

Reply September 17, 2012

Amber, your writing gives me courage. That is a terrible understatement. At the risk of sounding dorky, I started a blog just so I can practice writing (and be a part of your Mondays). Thank you.

    Reply September 20, 2012

    Allison, I freaking love it. LOVE IT, I tell ya!

Reply September 17, 2012

i love this space. love your words. they remind me of Truth.

    Reply September 20, 2012

    Elora, friend, Hi. I love you.

Genevieve @ Turquoise Gates
Reply September 18, 2012

I was going to write about my necklace today, and then I stopped by here, and it was a little God-wink in my day. Happy to be reading your writing, the grit of it. Updates are always good, too - but in the words of the creative soul, there we get to know each other, just a bit, across all these miles.

Tanya Marlow
Reply September 18, 2012

Oh Amber - your words...
I love the last line especially - so much in it. Thank you- I may well come by and play next week...

Barbara Isaac
Reply September 18, 2012

My words are indeed like a necklace around me, ready to beautify or choke me...

Reply September 18, 2012

What a great idea for a link up. Your post is gorgeous.

Reply September 19, 2012

I have necklaces also that remind me of the most important things in life...thank you for writing so bare and completely wide open, Amber. Such an inspiration!

    Reply September 20, 2012

    Thank you for coming her Emily.

Reply September 19, 2012

Strange, but I always feel like one of the little sisters too. No matter my age. I am so glad we are blood/Word sisters, Amber.

    Reply September 20, 2012

    Oh girl, I am forever glad. I love you.

Brandee Shafer
Reply September 19, 2012

I am so glad for your weekends away from regular life, also for your happy returns. The necklace is perfect for you. I joined you, again, this week:

Diana Trautwein
Reply September 20, 2012

this one stirred me so I wrote - thanks for your always magical words here in this space.

    Reply September 20, 2012

    gracious, I love you Diana. We'll meet one day, I just know it.

Kristin Lucas
Reply September 21, 2012

Was inspired by your prompt this morning. Thanks for that :)

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