The Saturdaily: on Time – A Study of Chains, Days 5 and 6

I spent Day 5 studying the chains of stress and how time constraints freak me out. I thought of Moses’ prayer in the Psalms, “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” I have four sons and a few sensory needs to consider in our process of getting ready for anything. I don’t have to consider my days alone. Wisdom whispers that I consider the hours and minutes, especially on birthday party days.

I decided a few days ago that freedom doesn’t freak out about the time. Freedom doesn’t make her children flinch at the thought of being late, and it doesn’t yell up the stairs twenty times in a row for the kids to get their shoes on. Freedom may actually be prepared. It’s a novel thing for me, but I tried it, and the day was joyful. They each invited one friend, and we went to Chuck E Cheese, and we had a stress-free birthday party for both Ian and Isaac. I made GF/CF cupcakes the day before, and I got enough tokens that Seth and I could play games together, too.

Wisdom is sister to freedom, and they stick together, and they make a party fun. Somebody get out the cross-stitch and sew that one up for me!

Other thoughts on Freedom:

Lisa Leonard, in Life By Design, says, “How could God do this? I don’t know, but I know God is God, and God will do what He’s going to do, and I just need to be willing to journey through it … This moment I can handle. This moment works.” In person, Lisa oozes peace, humility, and freedom. I love peeking in on her real life here. Obviously I’m a Lisa fan.

Then there’s Charlotte, an anonymous voice at A Deeper Church, who expresses such an air of hope for freedom. Read her post, The Ghost of Church Past.

See Seth’s Saturdaily post here! It’s practically the same as mine, only cooler. He’s pretty hot.

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