The Saturdaily: What I Dig This Week

Seth and friends are confronting a few lies wrapped up in prosperity gospel. We would love your voice in this conversation on What God Does and Doesn’t Promise.

One of my besties just up and moved to a fresh new blog, and I had to have a come-to-Jesus with myself to not be jealous of her blog design. I’ve missed reading her words. They’re strong and broken. Check out Emily Wanders!

This week the prompt for Monday‘s #concretewords is The Horse. I’m excited to see what you write. On Tuesday, my husband is showing up here. On Wednsesday I’ll be back here with pics of me and my sis, showing what we wore while I was in Alabama down a long dirt road. Then on Thursday my Dear Abby Leigh will be here with some goodness.

It turns out that writing about the chains in my life is nothing compared to what it takes to live out what I’m writing. I’m trying to soak and not breeze, though things are lighter for me. How are they for you?

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Reply October 27, 2012

when life is a whirlwind the writing turns hard and sparse and envy knocks on my door ready to show me how EVERYONE has a book.....that's writing for me these days. and chains.

erin a.
Reply October 27, 2012

Oh! Thanks for linking to Seth's counter on the prosperity gospel! I just bookmarked that and will jump in. I can't wait.

Emily @ The Pilot's Wife
Reply October 27, 2012

Well hi friend. Thanks for the shout! *smooch*

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