What You Oughta Do

Last night Seth and I went on a date. We sat at one table for over two hours, because we had a sitter and wanted to revel in 13 years of good marriage.

This morning, I lay in bed while he makes the boys breakfast. I heard the word “waffles.” The baby monitor is on, and Titus is singing in his opera-man voice.

Abby will be here in an hour to pick me up and take me to the windy Autumn market on the square. Then we’ll have breakfast with Emily and head to some local thrift stores. It’s my coming-out day after a stint of not knowing how to get out of the house.

I’ve been journalling instead of blogging; it’s one of those secret-learning seasons. But I still have to come here to tell you what you oughta do.

What you oughta do:

Read this from Emily of Chatting at the Sky :: On the Fear of Failure 

Check out this style site for mamas :: Together in 10 {I’m excited to contribute to this.}

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Lynn Morrissey
Reply November 10, 2012

Precious Amber,
Congratulations to you and Seth on your thirteenth anniversary ! That is so wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you! And dating your husband is so important. Yesterday, my beloved husband Michael and I went on a luncheon date in a cozy cafe, with windows ajar to welcome a balmy Inidian-summer breeze. Frankly, we needed to let the fresh wind of understanding blow through a misunderstanding we had had. We've been married for thirty-seven years, dated for four, and we've known each other since I was eleven, and he, sixteen, though he still prevaricates and says that he married an older woman! =] We are so blessed with a good and solid marriage, and I count myself as one of the most fortunate wives on the planet. Mike puts up with a LOT! We significantly truggled at the five-year mark in our marriage, and by God's grace, made it through. I've heard that if couples can just cross that five-year threshold, while seas aren't always smooth, you won't drown. You will reach satisfaction's shores. I adore my husband, and am so glad that with God's help we safely navigated those long-ago stormy seas. But there are times when couples need to date to have initimate communication, apart from family and society--just one-on-one, tete-a-tete in a relaxed, refreshing setting--times to talk, to express, or to settle differences. We came away from that cafe table holding hands and cupping hearts. It was a precious time. So keep telling us we oughta date our spouses, Amber! And I love that you journal! It is on the secret pages of your journal in a secret season of communion that you and the Lord will very often most intimately connect. I am passionate about the subject. I would love to tell women they oughta journal and I practically have through my book about journaling, my journaling classes, etc., but in the end, I can only invite them to journal and bear witness (as writers do to most everything) to the fact that God has used this precious gift of reflective written prayer to transform my life. I have no doubt that He will do the same for you, dear Amber. Maybe someday you will bear witness here to what the Lord has done. I hope so.

Lynn Morrissey
Reply November 10, 2012

BTW, I should proof stuff before I press "submit"! =]

Reply November 10, 2012

I don't know why you think you can tell people what they ought to do when you know good and well that's my job.
You have never looked so much like your mama as you do in this picture.

Reply November 10, 2012

I don't knw what makes you think you can tell people what they ought to do when you know good and well that's my job.
You have never looked so much like your mama as you do in this picture.

Reply November 11, 2012

so glad you got to go on a date. when we were first married, 20 years ago, my mother-in-law helped us take weekends away - paid. babysat. because she knew the importance. and now our kids are older and we're alone togther more and more and i know that saying yes twenty-ONE years ago was the best decision i ever made....

Reply November 11, 2012

Happy, happy anniversary! Your marriage has nearly four years on mine, and they look astonishing and brave and beautifully intimidating from here. Hopeful too. Hopeful most of all, I think. Your love songs linked above paint one of the most heartening redemption stories I've ever read, and it does my soul good to see you two strong and smiling together after thirteen years.

Reply November 12, 2012

Hey Amber! I appreciate so much about you and what you write. But the one thing I wanted to say that I appreciate TODAY is that when I click on a link on your site, it opens in a separate window. So convenient. I know it's a small thing, but it makes me more likely to click your links AND read all your lovely words!
Congrats on the anniversary! Way to go!

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