The Saturdaily: Amber’s List

The Atypical Life  – our toddler christmas wish list:: a letter to the grandparents

From John Blasé (Read him!) – Fiddling on the Roof

Mama: Monk – {This Sacred Everyday}  with Annie Barnett 

My girlfriend Lisa-Jo linked to this one, and I can’t take the thought of you missing it!  At Last

Emily is picking up Tuesdays Unwrapped again over at Chatting at the Sky for the month of December. I hope to join in before too long.

Also our JOYN Stockings from Dayspring make me GLAD. Did you see how many we have to hang!

Titus’ hernia surgery is going to be this Wednesday, December 12th. We’re not too worried about it, but I wanted you to know so you can pray for his recovery, that he’ll wake up and start eating quickly.

I hope you get to relax some this weekend and find some ways to make it merry and bright!

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Robin Troxell
Reply December 11, 2012

Praying for a successful surgery, and quick recovery! And eating!

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