Kingdom Come

For the holiday, we loaded up and drove to Alabama and I got to be with my siblings and watch Seth bond with my daddy. We have hours of driving under our belts, especially after traveling in ice back to Arkansas. It takes us days to pack, and by the time we’ve locked the doors, turned down the thermostat, and buckled our belts, we’re ready to be still and together. Seth and I talked long about what we want for our lives. We made lists, discussed giving and house plans and budget. We never stop concerning ourselves with how to raise four boys.

The New Year feels like a cold, clean slate. We’re finally back in the rock house after 9 days of nonstop going. I walked through a thin layer of snow in my moccasins last night. I didn’t wear a coat. It’s 2013, and my lungs are cold, my house booms with loud happiest boys, and the world into which I’m sending them is broken.

Everyone unstrings Christmas lights and looks forward to Spring, and I have never had more JOY in my life. Didn’t this Christmas point to Resurrection more than ever?

I can’t stop thinking of it, how Christ taught us to pray: on earth as it is in Heaven.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” It’s so much simpler than my control-freak self wants to list it.

What would it look like to pray Kingdom Come every day this year, to cry not clinging to broken things with my tears, but to cry in expectation for resurrection and reconciliation? What comes in 2013 is Hope and Joy and “all these things added.”

My One Word this year is Kingdom. Winter is cranking, and wisdom says to prepare food and wood in case power goes out how it does around here. Wisdom says fear is no part. We pray Kingdom come, and we’re still in itchy sweaters trying to get stupid songs out of our heads and wondering whether we should have tacos or spaghetti.

Boys file in cold and snuggle under throws on the morning couch. They want to play Angry Birds already, how we all cling to the screens. Kingdom Come like a pair of glasses, like a shift in thinking, like a thief in night.

I’m ready to be awake.

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Reply January 2, 2013

Oh sister yes. I see it here you know...the is why I come back so often. Bless you.

Reply January 2, 2013

praying kingdom come? that's a what if that doesn't turn my stomach to knots. thanks for sharing.

    Reply January 2, 2013

    Good point. What if I stopped all the what-ifs but this that one?

Lori Harris
Reply January 2, 2013

Two words: missed you. Needed your words this morning.

    Reply January 2, 2013

    Look! It's the What-Ifs again!

    Thanks for encouraging me today.

the Blah Blah Blahger
Reply January 2, 2013

Wow - what a beautiful gift. I love the idea of spending the year focused on the Kingdom. I can't wait to see how it unfolds for you throughout the year!

    Reply January 2, 2013

    JJ, I just love ya. I have no clue how this will unfold. That's the weird part about all this.

Sarah Bessey
Reply January 2, 2013

This almost freaks me out a bit. I'll tell you why in a bit but WOW....and yes. Confirming that this is the Spirit speaking and giving you your word, Amber. Absolutely. For such a time as this.

Reply January 2, 2013

I recently, as in maybe a month or two ago, started praying the words "Lord bring your Kingdom, let it fall upon me right now" pretty much every time I pray. It's really powerful. I'm in love with this Word.

Suzie Lind
Reply January 3, 2013

What an absolutely wonderful lens to see through. What if... I so need Kingdom eyes and ears more often than I've thought. Kingdom courage to quiet these fears. Looking forward to how it unfolds.

Jessica Y
Reply January 3, 2013

JOY in capital letters. Good Stuff. I want to be wide awake too, friend. Love ya.

Cheryl Smith
Reply January 3, 2013

What a powerful word! Several years ago I started choosing three words, and in recent years, they've chosen me. This year I'm pondering: Courage, Carve and Shout. The list doesn't make sense. I want alliteration but Shout fouls that up. I wanted verbs, but Courage got in the way. We'll see how it all shapes up...

Diana Trautwein
Reply January 4, 2013

Whenever I make the space to do contemplative prayer, one of my go-to phrases is 'kingdom come.' I love it, I long for it. Thanks for this glimpse of the kingdom in your part of the world.

Reply January 6, 2013

I had the privilege of spending the holiday's in Alabama too, with my new family! What an encouraging post - good words are rare these days. Thank you!

Addie Zierman
Reply January 10, 2013

Just came back to this post again. Love the way you write and your kingdom heart.

Margaret Feinberg
Reply January 14, 2013

Jesus, May your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for sharing your "word" for the year. May God reveal what Kingdom living looks like over and over again!

emily wierenga
Reply January 15, 2013

oh friend. your heart beats to the same song as mine. heaven's song. i hear you, completely. and i believe God will honor your cry. (my boys love angry birds too :))

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