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My blog has been quiet lately, contrary to my plan. Life always does what it does, and some phases last longer than we ever dreamed they would. The holiday season gave us time with family down that Alabama dirt road, and then an ice storm landed us longer than planned with Arkansas family around the fire. My four boys roared in cousin-laughter, sat in the laps of grandparents, and walked quiet ridges watching for squirrels, learning to listen in the silence of the woods.

I, too, have felt so secret, hearing Spirit speak, the conversation growing longer, waking to the voice in my heart still drawing me in. It’s a funny thing, too, all the joy that’s happening in the quiet.

If you were to peer into my life, you’d see the actual facts. They would list out like a monologue from Debbie Downer.

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Also a little update on #ConcreteWords: I’m going to start back up. Remember that our Concrete Words are to help us focus on the tangible things surrounding us, so that we’re better able to express abstract, like love and loneliness. I enjoy our small community here, though I so rarely get to tell you so. I read you in the little moments between the dishwasher and sippy cups, you know when the baby is emptying the tupperware drawer. Thank you for joining me. For real. Our link-ups will be every single Monday again, and the topics are as follows:

January 21 — Scale

January28  — Rock

February 4 — Box

February 11 — Path

See you Monday!

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Tanya Marlow
Reply January 19, 2013

I've missed you! I'm also being quiet on the blog as health crisis and trips to hospital have intervened - but really hoping to be well enough to join with the concrete words. Much love, and Happy New Year!

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