Kingdom Come: On the Mind, the Wait, and the Delight

I have a tendency toward poetics, but I am certainly no scholar. If I ever did well in school, I had to work for it, maybe twice as hard as others had to work, but once I developed a love of learning, it certainly became easier for me to justify the work. I was a C and D student in high school who turned out a 4.89 GPA in college.

I was in my Sophomore year when I first believed Christ and His words. I read then that I had been given “the mind of Christ,” and you know what? I believed it, because He whispered to me the way to go. The Holy Spirit gave me understanding, and I thrived on learning more and more and more of the story into which God had actively engaged me. When I first believed, I spent every single day like I had been raised from the dead.

Oh but then I grew up, became tidy, and I put my passion down a little.

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  • February 20, 2013
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