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Leading into last weekend, I knew I was leaving to write chapter 2, so I prayed it again, Kingdom Come, and whoosh – I ended up in the floor of a friends house realizing I had no idea what I had been asking. If I’m speaking Kingdom in reference to the one who poofed galaxies into being, I really ought to have assumed my mind would be blown. With scripture, song, and repentance, and by working out my gifts, as in laying them down, I had a clean slate paper like an altar. I opened up and poured out, getting more and more full at every word I laid down.

I made two videos, and after that, I was called a name – Egalitarian. I promised myself I would never look up the definition of that word, along with complementarian. I wanted to know them by their deeds, but then I got a few warning emails. I read definitions, and I’m so mad that I did. It’s been nothing but a distraction from the one and only point that there is to make.

If there are sides to be had, most of them are just more ways to try and harness the wind. Some of them are true a lot of the time, but PS: Jesus isn’t a side. He just IS. He is true all the time. We have truth in scripture, yes, so let’s go with its theme: there is only ONE righteous, and He has poured out so we can be filled. That is the believer’s aim.

There are other things at work here. Be you a woman in a pulpit? I’ve got my developing stance on that, but what has that to do with the ones dying? There is nothing but resurrection here. Nothing. Make a stance, yes, but let Jesus be the refuge. No other identity saves a soul.


Did I say I didn’t plan to make more videos? It’s so messy. This is what I get for saying that:

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Jessica @The Mom Creative
Reply March 8, 2013

Thanks for these videos, Amber. I am enjoying them so much. You are so wise. YES to Jesus.

Reply March 8, 2013

This. In a nutshell. No need for screeds and screeds to write or proclaim from the pulpit - man or woman - it is all about Jesus, all about the way He changed and changes.

How He must grieve at all the labeling and name calling. Can't we just get on with the Great Commission?

Thank you Amber.

    Reply March 8, 2013

    Yes! The Great Commission, a call to us all!

Kim Pope
Reply March 8, 2013

Amen Amber! Thank You for affirming deep truth in me.

tammy@meadows speak
Reply March 8, 2013

Those stinking labels! When I read those EXACT same ones {and yes, I too had to look those up over the last year and half}, hello, squeeze me into a square peg, box. My God doesn't fit there. He lives IN me and there are absolutely no limits or labels that can make Him line up just so, neat n tidy like.

the Blah Blah Blahger
Reply March 8, 2013

You're freaking rad. 1) I love your syrupy southern accent and 2) I love how you are loving and preaching the Word. I admire you SO MUCH.


Heather MacLaren Johnson
Reply March 8, 2013

Thanks Amber for modeling courage by refusing to allow people to define us.Amen to keeping our Christian mission focus on the essential, Jesus, and not on nonessentials as defined by Christ.

Reply March 8, 2013

YES. Keep the videos coming, I love your message and I love that you can see your courage growing.

nicole i
Reply March 8, 2013


Sarah Bessey
Reply March 8, 2013

Looking for Jesus! Yes! That is the thing right there that moves me and drives me always. And I feel like I'm witnessing the birth of a preacher right now. I am so thankful you are documenting this (and not just because I love listening to you and could listen to you read the damn phone book or a Kentucky Fried Chicken menu). You have captured so much of my own heart here.

    Reply March 8, 2013

    I think I actually want Amber to read the KFC menu now. Amber?

Don Sartain
Reply March 8, 2013

Challenging words, to be sure. Thanks for sharing, Amber!

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply March 8, 2013

You know what I hear in your voice, sweet Amber? Freedom. It's not about men vs women, us vs them, egalitarian vs complimentarian. It's about the Kingdom. It's about living in fullness and restoration and answering only to the One who made us. Unfettered. Careless in the care of God.

I want to weep right here in front of my computer.

Nicole Romero (@nicoletteromero)
Reply March 8, 2013

Thank you for your words, my new friend. :)

Thank you. In sitting still and hearing you speak, I am reminded to sit still and hear the Spirit in me speak. If I can enjoy who God made me to be without fear of doing life or theology "wrong" ... I think that will be the greatest success of my life and ALL that Jesus wants of me. I think this is what He hopes for all of us.

This hit me to the core. I am a "speaker" not a preacher - at least I have been. Oh, even to say the word... preacher. Poet, maybe. Teacher, sure. Preacher...

I don't know, yet, but I do know I love the freedom to explore my gifts without fear of doing it wrong. I want to lean hard into trusting the Spirit in that respect.

Thank you!

    Reply March 10, 2013

    You know what, Nicole? The funny thing is that I was having hard conversations with God about not wanting to go be a speaker if I publish a book. It was scaring me to death, and I promise you, He spoke very clearly to me that I am not a speaker. I have always spoken with passion about where I am in my faith. The thought of notecards and all that made me want to die, but He just said to me as I watched Paul in scripture that He would send me and fill me, and I would preach the gospel to every creature. Big Fat WOAH. He has given me the message, and I'll never stop unfolding it.

Reply March 11, 2013

I love your heart and the shake in your voice. I hear the Spirit.
I have been beating myself up because I'm not taking enough notes in Bible Study and I don't know if I'm Calvinistic, Legalistic, Arminianist, pessimist....etc.
I just want to know how to get to Jesus and how to show Him to others.
To not be afraid.
Thanks for leading the pack.
I'm (in my mind) having that gin & tonic (i don't like beer) with you right now and mulling it over.

Reply April 12, 2013

Your video pretty much made me sob. Thank you.

Reply April 12, 2013

...but what has that to do with the ones dying?...
AMEN!!! You keep going, Amber! Keep going! My only label that carries any weight, for positive OR negative... is Jesus! I am HIS!!!

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