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I wish you knew him. Seth is bigger than life, like his grandaddy. When we talk at night, we are boisterous. We wave our arms in the air. He randomly grabs my butt. We almost always believe what we’re saying, but we’re getting so much better about saying I don’t know. Goodness, I love him.

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This old rock house looms with such work (that we won’t tend to for another 15 years) that I get bogged down in the anticipation of future exhaustion. How many of us here look at our homes and feel weary? How many of us with computers have to strive to be grateful that we have homes. In mine are things that I love. My friend Brian took a few pics of the details. Brian HIrschy Photography -2013 - Haines-88 Brian HIrschy Photography -2013 - Haines-90 Brian HIrschy Photography -2013 - Haines-104

I’m either a complete idiotic goof ball or I’m writhing in the depths of intense internal conflict. I’d like to just be normal. But alas.

Brian HIrschy Photography -2013 - Haines-132

Some things that I hope you check out this weekend are:

Of course, Brian Hirschy Photography who took all these pics. Follow him on Facebook. He’s listed among the great ones in our world.

My Mother-in-law told me about two sayings: “Christians are the only ones who shoot their wounded” and “Christians are the only ones who circle the wagons and shoot inward.” I wish I could figure out who said those, but anyway I can’t stop thinking about them.

Ann Voskamp wrote a scandalously challenging post called The 1 Command that Could Resurrect the Church, Our Hurting Places & the Sisterhood of Women. Please please read it.

Our friend Tim Willard tweeted this song yesterday. It’s beautimous.

I’m in a new place that has me low-down and starving. Somebody looked me in the eyes last week and said “just show me Jesus.” I have more to say on what that’ll do to you. I’m looking for Him, too, you know? Margaret Feinberg wrote this, and I love how simply she states things: Just Give Me Jesus: 7 Things to Remember When Reading the Gospels. Church Peoples, we need to take a long look at Jesus. As in, we need never take our eyes off Him.

Even just reading this title gives me the shivers. I know it’s true: Jesus Is Turning Your Shame into a Showcase of His Grace. “What Jesus was exposing in that moment was not her weakness and shame. What he was exposing was her faith.”

And then there’s good ole Josh. I have an internet bestie who sends me all things awesome like this.

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Reply March 15, 2013

You are all so lovely. I get to see you soon, right????

    Reply March 15, 2013

    Well, babe, if you're talking about Blissdom, I had to bail. I'm trying to fatten this baby and write.

    I am going to Idea Camp in September, Catalyst (in ATL) and Allume this October.

    I'd LOVE to hear where everyone will be this year!!!

the Blah Blah Blahger
Reply March 15, 2013

I love imagining you guys having boisterous conversations into the night. I usually sink into my couch and have little energy for hand talking. ;-)

    Reply March 15, 2013

    Who has energy after booty popping?

Reply March 15, 2013

Also in that Lone Bellows video, you can hear the snow crunching under his feet. Doesn't that make you have sensory happiness?

Reply March 15, 2013

i know this guy! i love this house!

Annie Barnett
Reply March 15, 2013

JAZZ HANDS! This post made me smile. I don't think to write about the fun and the silly and the awkward too much, although it's a good chunk of my days. I write (not so often these days) about what's brewing deep down, but this is good and fun and reminds me we're all whole people. Happy weekend!

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply March 15, 2013

This post makes me want to pick up right now and visit you and meet Seth and soak in the giddiness that is the Haines Household.

This - "I’m either a complete idiotic goof ball or I’m writhing in the depths of intense internal conflict. I’d like to just be normal. But alas." - made me guffaw.

Reply March 15, 2013

You are so sweet, Amber! Thanks for shouting out about the article. Thrilled you enjoyed. Hug to you!

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