Two Directions

Brian HIrschy Photography -2013 - Haines-47

Today I have two things for you and would be honored for you to follow me in both directions:

First, over at (In)Courage:

When I first heard the gospel, I had no idea how it would continue to change my life. That initial ticket into Glory Land seemed sure good enough in comparison to the life of pain I had been living. Then as I’ve matured, I’ve learned that believing doesn’t protect us from a life of pain. It only redeems it. Then there have been the silent times of waiting on God or times I haven’t felt God. Again and again, when I hear the gospel, it seems to shift my thinking, but recently I’ve wondered anew: is the gospel relevant in us today?

Continue on to (In)Courage where I share another video and would LOVE to hear from you about it!


Then, on to 

TweetSpeak Poetry:

I share how my journey into poetry started with a poster on the back of my bedroom door, in that phase of life between bra and Barbie.

Continue reading over at TweetSpeak Poetry and read the truth behind how I really feel about poetry.

Hint: It has changed my life, but half the time I hardly understand a word of it.

photo by Brian Hirschy

  • March 18, 2013
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