Nameless Woman: An Abstraction on the Spirit

I have had want of so many men, had so many in my body with hardly a thought in my mind as I offered myself again and again. I do it like one of them would come, and it would fill me, as if men weren’t another echo in a void.

But Jesus, that day in the house with all the men, holding it all together like a cordial business meeting, I had want of Him. I had want to show Him that there was no other thing I would need. My alabaster jar, I emptied it. He knew my name. He said it, and I touched my mouth to His heel, could not stop kissing the lowest part. I wanted at the bottom when He spoke it, secret waters; I was basin for pouring out. My hair, intimately counted, dripped.

No one else will ever need to know my name. I owe. I owe. I’m the one who walks in peace.

I will never love another.

{from Luke 7:36-50} Please also see my husband’s take on this passage.

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Don Sartain
Reply March 27, 2013

Makes me question how many times in my own life I have sought to fulfill the void with temporal things when I know only Christ satisfies. And how often I want to run to see His face again, instead of being content with His feet, simply because it is Him.

Reply March 27, 2013


Reply March 27, 2013

I'm with Annie. I know you're my wife and all, but... dang.

Reply March 27, 2013

This is beautiful. We could put any number of things there (men, perfectionism, beauty, motherhood, riches, education), instead of Christ. Only through faith (resting, finding our identity) in Christ, can we produce good works. Our lives, hidden in His, is the fruit.

Reply March 27, 2013

stunningly, beautifully, and truthfully raw

Reply March 27, 2013

Gosh, Amber, I agree with Seth....dang. Lovely girl, you can write. I want to be like you when I grow up. ;) Thank you, thank you, for linking up. You are precious.

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply March 27, 2013

I have played the woman caught in adultery many times on stage, and the essence of this is always what I had in my heart.

Can you imagine what this woman would have felt just a few days after this? The utter despair that must have filled her when she saw her Savior dead on the cross.... I am bawling.

I head it said once: She broke her alabaster jar for him; Jesus broke His for her. Precious, priceless gifts.

Heather MacLaren Johnson
Reply March 27, 2013

Beautifully expressed! Precious gifts pour out from brokenness and all are blessed.

Liz Eph
Reply March 28, 2013


Britney Nichole
Reply March 28, 2013

I love the contrast between your posts and Seth's, and yet how much the truths weave and reflect one another. Yall make a good team, lady.

Came here from the Link-up, so glad to see the concrete word thing living on cause I didn't find your blog soon enough for the last!

Britney (@ BareTribe)
p.s. Holley told me that we apparently live super close! I'm across from the cemetery on Mission :)

Jen @Martymom's Musings
Reply March 29, 2013

breathtakingly beautiful!


Reply April 13, 2013


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