You are as Valuable as the Orphan


This morning I woke at 4:45 to guzzle coffee before getting dressed. Then I woke 2 of my 4 boys and snuck out the door with them before 5:45. The older one admired the sun as it showed its gray edges over the horizon, and then he asked to listen to his favorite song. We didn’t talk about it, but we worshipped in the way we each knew how, our hearts in the dark with music. We were on a three-hour drive to see a new GI doctor in Little Rock for the baby who had fallen dramatically off the growth chart a year ago, the one who sang loud in the back in his own baby tongue.

My GPS told me I would arrive 5 minutes late, and valuing time, I called the office when I was about thirty minutes away to let them know I was coming (and from far away, at that). I had been driving for 2.5 hours, and when I called, they asked if I had my paperwork. I responded that I had never received papers to complete, and they promptly told me they wouldn’t have time for us since I wouldn’t have my paperwork ready. I bawled, pulled into Target, bought chocolate and a tank top, and then I sat down at Chikfila with a box of tater tots.

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Jessica Newland (@mamanewland)
Reply April 4, 2013

That was a beautiful post. Sorry for the rough days. How is your boy these days? Your posts always catch my eye because I have a teeny tiny almost 2 yr. old who is also struggling to grow. Lifting you up in prayer right now - the best part of the internet - praying for those who don't even know us. {hugs} from an online friend.

    Reply April 5, 2013

    Jessica, my Titus is growing! He's almost to the zero part on the growth chart which makes me laugh because I'm so pleased with how big he's getting. He's doing well. Thank you for asking and for praying.

      Reply April 9, 2013

      Great news to hear he's growing! It's amazing how we get so excited about even just a few ounces of growth with our little guy. Every bit counts!

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