A Glimpse


Two of our favorite people on this planet are Matt and Ginny Mooney, who founded 99 Balloons. Many know Matt through the story of his son, Eliot- whose 99 days on this earth were commemorated with 99 balloons. Matt is the author of  “A Story Unfinished,” and he blogs at The Atypical Life. Ginny meets with me once a week, and there are no words for how she has helped me see the world in a different, life-giving, no b-s sort of way. Moreover, Ginny’s firstborn, Eliot, a little boy I never got to meet, has changed my life. I dare say that he’ll change yours, too.

This is me nearly begging you to buy A Story Unfinished. It will change you.

Today I share with you a glimpse I’ve had of redemption. It’s my own story unfinished, the story of a good man.


Please head over to The Atypical Life and celebrate with me?

I actually wrote something!

I’ll be back around these parts soon, by the way. We still haven’t moved and are still living with all our things in boxes. I miss this and I miss you. Find me on Facebook today! I have an awesome babysitter and get chat a little thanks to her. 🙂


  • June 14, 2013
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