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Once in a while, I hope to start some serious link love and would love for you to click click click these links. They are the things that have inspired me this week. They are few but good and worthy, even if for a giggle.

The Laugh: Found in Translation

Keep pressing play. They’ll either get better and better, OR you’ll just think I’m weird. Either way …

The Brave: People Writing Books. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

I cannot express how much I look forward to Mandy Steward’s Finding Faith on the Other Side of Everything. Bookmark this girl!

Mary DeMuth has braved through story telling after sexual abuse and needs help to release a book about freedom and restoration. Read this post about her upcoming book called Not Marked and consider joining her in offering hope to those of us who have endured such a thing. We are many.

I haven’t been able to read it yet, but my friend Elora Ramirez has written a very brave book called Every Shattered Thing. It’s in e-format now!


We all need to go get this right now, too. Ann Voskamp’s newest, The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of ChristmasIt was just announced today. 🙂

The Small

Watching the Parade by my Seth is a must. My Ian is small. His perspective seems clearest of all.


What I’ve Learned this August, a little prompt from Emily Freeman:

This Christian walk is an embodiment, but I’ve been learning slowly over my past 15 believing years about this other part (not separate from divine will) called obedience, the part I choose to do.

One of the things I know to do and have been deeply moved to do (both by force and decision) is KNOW MYSELF. Our preacher even said it from the pulpit last Sunday. Know Yourself! I know that I am healthiest when I’m treating myself with very much care.

I know that I need sleep, and I know I shouldn’t eat much sugar. I know I can’t watch very much sexy on a screen. I have to turn away at slightest things. I know that everything in my flesh wants to depend on things I can touch, taste, and smell. I know that I need to worship and that music heals me best of all. I know the all-or-nothing in me can get twisted easily, so I must read about politics with ease, and also the apocalypse. I know to embrace how God made me goofy/funny so I wouldn’t die of intense poetic metaphysical-thought overdose. I’m remembering to care more for myself and that this is not selfish. It is mere wisdom.

This month, something else new has solidified in what I know about myself, though I should have known already. Blank notebooks of paper are as good for me as vitamins, sleep, and time with friends. I have rediscovered the power of worked-out silence and unfuzziness that comes by paper, my pen, my mind, and the Spirit. I have a journal for gratitudes, one to process what I’m learning from scripture, one for to-do lists, and one for morning pages (the secret whirly mind doodles).

This August I learned that I am healthiest and happiest when I don’t blare out all my thoughts. A good old-fashioned burnable notebook can be some good medicine.

Side notes:

I also learned about Stitch Fix, and, y’all, they did me right!

And I learned that Sara Groves has a new album coming out. She does a heart good.

 This long Labor Day weekend, I hope you sleep long, watch a good show, read all the books, and maybe, also, have some shawn tootle.

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Happy weekend!

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