Share the Beauty: Keep-Your-Head-Up Edition

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It’s a new dawn (and new digs) for Abby over at Dear Abby Leigh. I can guarantee that if you’ll subscribe to her blog, you won’t be sorry. She’s one of the few out there who is a true artist, even when she’s being silly. I love every tiny thing that comes next from her and for her.

My Seth shares a Naked Confession today, and it may rock you. We get a new day, every day. He’s learning to sit in it for what it is.

My buddy, Timothy Willard, wrote himself a birthday post that made my heart soar. We need to take it in, y’all. He’s one of the rare ones who really pursues the beauty. Happy late Birthday, Tim!

This post from Erika Morrison over at a Deeper Story called I Went Over the Line, oh. This is Jesus, friends. Don’t conform; follow Him out into the unknown.

This here is a song that I found through my friend, Megan Tietz’s Facebook page, Sorta Crunchy. Megan also has new digs, and she’s flowing wisdom like crazy. That girl has a house full, and her blog is one of those good kinds, like old school, real-life. She reads always like a friend talking.

PS: Don’t listen to this one around your kids. It’s totally about boobies. It will either ruin your day or make it. Anyway, what I’m saying is Keep Your Head Up! Also maybe don’t take your perspective of Megan by this video alone, because she’s way more than this. We always are.

I’m at IF:Gathering this weekend. Are any of you going?

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Kristin Smith
Reply February 6, 2014

Amber I left a comment on Seth's post but wanted to leave one here as husband just celebrated 7 years of continuous sobriety. It was a challenge, to say the least, but we both walked through it and are stronger today. God met us there and He is doing the same with you!! Praying for you both - you are brave even if you don't feel that way!!

    Reply February 6, 2014

    Thank you so much for this, Kristen. It has shown me that so many of us are struggling. So many people we're around are dealing hard, and most keep trucking on without ever saying a word.

Reply February 6, 2014

Girl.....I just appreciate the raw real you and Seth share...You are just not alone in all of many of us feel smothered with the ideas and like second class Christians, if you will....and I wreck my mind trying to figure out why because Jesus never said it...but I battle it something fierce....I love that you guys are brave enough to share and I love that you're in Fayetteville! I had all my babies over there:) Don't you love free information from total strangers:) haha! I hope you have a beautiful weekend with your family and feel free, even if it's just a couple of days at a time...

    Reply February 6, 2014

    "second class Christians"

    Oh how I get this, and you're right, Jesus never said it. I am so ready to live free!

Donna C
Reply February 6, 2014

I love that Nina Simone song - it was my theme song for last year :) Never had a theme song before, but for some reason, that was my song for being 39!
And Seth's post? Wow. You two are certainly a pair, the way you both write out your hearts in poetry. So raw, so vulnerable, so beautiful, so strong.

Diana Trautwein
Reply February 6, 2014

Loved both videos, loved this whole post, love you. Now heading over to read Seth's.

Megan at SortaCrunchy
Reply February 6, 2014

WHEEEEEE! I am so glad you shared that video for the whole wide world! Thanks for all the kind mentionings. You and Seth are so dear to me!

Reply February 6, 2014

you are so kind to share my little link here. i'd be a puddle of push without the haines to hold my hand. head up, shoulders back, march.

Erika Morrison
Reply February 7, 2014

Amber Haines!!!!! <3

Bethany Bassett
Reply February 7, 2014

That last video... I will refer my husband straight to you when he complains that I am singing the chorus at all hours of day and night. :D Priceless.

Off to Seth's blog now. I've been saving your most recent marriage letters to read as an early weekend present to myself as well. Thank you both for being here--for being really here.

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