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In my heart, I’m a world-traveller, but the truth is that I have never wanted to go to Haiti, not in all my live-long days. It sounds like too much harsh for such a small place, and instead I’m drawn to Europe, Latin America and anywhere in Africa, my kind of history and spice. Maybe I’ve feared I couldn’t bear Haiti. I’m not sure.

It’s been planned for a while now that I’ll get to visit Ethiopia one day, like Seth. Sometimes I listen to youtube videos just to feel her music. I still have a box of clothes for the daughter we were to adopt from there. No joking, I have her flag tattooed on my back. But Haiti? Others would love Haiti.

Maybe I shouldn’t have become friends with the Livesays, who midwife for her. Maybe I shouldn’t read their blog like it’s a lifeline for my soul. Maybe years ago we shouldn’t have become friends with Marlow. None of it was on purpose. It’s just how life has rolled into us. We have an ornament for Haiti now for our Christmas tree. I was softening, daggumit, and didn’t know it.

When Help One Now asked me to go – to HAITI – I said I would pray about it, but it only took a minute. I remember walking a load of clothes to my bedroom, and I cried the entire way down. Why has my heart been hard to Haiti? Why have I always greeted her with a No? Be careful; desire can come on so strong. Not only am I going to Haiti, but I am also going to love it. I keep having the thought that I will learn of creation there, art and beauty. These thoughts are all opposite of what I used to think about Haiti, so I could remain hard.

I believe that prophets are the great re-imaginers. Maybe I think we are all to earnestly desire prophecy above all the other gifts.

Going along are Sarah Markley, Sarah Bessey, Erika Morrison, Laura Tremaine, and Krista Smith. I’ve never met Krista, but I’ve stalked her enough now to know that I’ll love her. She’s an artist, which I think is the common thread between all 6 of us. Those other girls there? They are some of the rarest friends I’ve ever had. I’m jaw-dropped that we’ll get to let Haiti into our stories together. I’m going on my knees a little, floored that Haiti would let me into her story, too.

So this is me telling you that I’m going places I never thought I would go, and I hope I can tell about it in a way that honors you and them. I hope you will love Haiti with me. That is my only goal, that I/we would come to love her and maybe soften up the old, hard places.

I can’t even believe that I’m telling you this, but I’m going a few other places, too, and one is going to make me feel especially exposed. When I get asked to speak somewhere, my heart starts pounding, and as I work on it, I feel so alive I might catch fire.

This Fall I get to speak at Allume on writing. I am so excited about it and hope you’ll come. Also I hope you’ll pray for me, because I’m already a bit scaredy.

Allume tickets go on sale tonight, March 1st, at Midnight, EST (Friday night at 11:59pm – be ready!)
See a list of the other speakers here, and get ready to purchase tickets here.
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While you’re at it, pre-order Carry On Warrior in paperback. Help a fantastic writer out, y’all!

Also, don’t forget to write a Marriage Letter, if it suits your fancy. The prompt is What Makes You Come Alive.



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Lynn Morrissey
Reply February 28, 2014

Amber, God has been saying a lot to me about saying YES to Him. That is what He has asked of you, and that is what you have said: a GREAT BIG YES!!!!! to Haiti, to Allume, to heaven knows what else He has in store. It's not about you, but your YES to Him and what He is going to do through you. I love that about you.....that you are saying YES and this He will bless, in countless ways, some of which are experiencing now, and some which you can't even begin to comprehend. I am praying for blessings of yes-ings, about your being the blessing. Can't wait to see what He does!!!!!!!!

Micha Boyett
Reply February 28, 2014

So happy you're going to Haiti, friend. I cannot wait to read your story. And, of course you're scaredy. All the good things should put some scare in us. Cheering you on...

Reply February 28, 2014

My mom has a real heart for Haiti, Amber. She went a few months ago and she just got back from a week in the Dominican Republic last weekend. I never really gave it much thought but it's been coming up a lot lately. What an amazing heart filling trip it will be to do that with so many sisters you love. I look forward to hearing about it in time. "I believe that prophets are the great re-imaginers." I sat with that one for awhile and will even longer. What does it mean to re-imagine?... I am fascinated by the idea of that. I sincerely believe you will tell it in a way that honors Who it should and I love it that you are going places you never thought you'd go. Gives me hope.

Reply February 28, 2014

we are thrilled you are coming and hopeful too, that you will love this little island

Donna C
Reply February 28, 2014

What a fantastic bunch to be doing the Haiti trip with! Love that this is all happening for you, as well as the boxes and the tests.

Dedra Herod
Reply February 28, 2014

Gal... God broke my heart and changed me forever in Haiti with Tami & Dale Heim. My heart and prayers go with you sisters.. that He does the same for you and that you are forever changed. Love you so.

Suzie Lind
Reply February 28, 2014

Allume will be even greater with you lending your voice and Haiti will be known even more by giving you her heart. I can't wait to read on!

Reply March 2, 2014

I love Haiti, Amber.
She wears her broken colorfully and her life fully. Love her.
She'll love you. Maybe not gently (she isn't always gentle). But she'll love you. I know it.

Melissa Camara Wilkins
Reply March 13, 2014

Oh my! Sometimes the places we never meant to go turn out to be the best places of all, the ones we were most meant to inhabit. (Even if only temporarily.) Wishing you travel mercies, and traveling blessings. <3

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