You Inherit Me


The following post may not be strange to you, but when I wrote it, I felt risky and in love with people who bug the stew out of me. My greatest desire as of late is that we would love and be loved (unified), because they’ll know we are Christians by our love. I’ve been doing the thing I did when I first believed. I’ve been reading Jesus’ words and taking them at face value. I’ve been asking, do I see this practiced, this love thing? Yes, you have your theology, and no doubt it is right … to you, but do we love each other? Do we forgive?

What if your glory, your inheritance were in me?

What if it’s true that what you believe for me and put into me is what you inherit when that inheritance comes? What if I am the kingdom?

If it be so, make me a kingdom of grace. Call me, every one of me, call me a kingdom of hope and of glory. Forgive me always. Love me. Agape love me.

… continue reading  over at Deeper Story today. Thank you, friend.

If you’ve stuck with me through all these questions I’m asking, then just thank you.

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