Yes to the Little Green House


I said yes to a little green house with a big garden and two rows of fruit trees. It’s like a mansion if your standard were teeny tiny houses. There’s a clothesline here, and the breeze beneath my shade trees is a gentle one. We’ve been waiting for a gentle time. We’ve been waiting for our own space and for silence. We just didn’t know how to find it until I learned how many no’s it takes to make a yes.

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It’s about time for me to get back in here. The hinges on the blog door are getting squeaky, and you know it’s time to write when you’re thinking in posts, when you enjoy something, and immediately assign a post title to go along with the situation.

Since I was here last, Seth and I took an amazing trip to Italy, and that trip caused such a shift in our thinking that we’ve made some lifestyle changes that have been so sweet for our family. I’ll share most of that in my upcoming newsletter at the end of August. 

I’m excited to show you pictures!

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Elizabeth Marshall
Reply August 22, 2014

Beautiful. And so many parralels to a move and shift we've made and are making.
Have missed your words.
One day we can share stories of homes and closeness and simplifying.

Reply August 22, 2014

Welcome back Amber. This post is delicious, most of all for the contentment you're finding in clothes lines and hazelnuts. It all sounds so right for a houseful of boys, and creative, clever parents.

Wishing you so many happy days in the little green house,

Reply September 1, 2014

Thank you for writing. My four are grown. It all went by so fast. I kept them home for school and for my arms too. Your writing reminds me of those sweet precious days. God bless you in your lovely home. I pray the LORD provides the still and quiet along side the energy four children express. My husband and I called it 7-11. Seven is the number God uses to describe completeness and eleven represents chaos. 7-11 means God in this beautiful chaos. We write it on notes, God wakes me just when the clock say's 7-11 etc. 7-11 to you and yours in your new home.

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