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There’s something completely unnatural about flying, so it seems when I fly that I act right close to my muse. I write my guts out when I’m in the air. Last weekend, the skies were an invisible choppy mess, so the pilot had to fly much lower than usual to keep us from being batted around.

My window seat gave me an insane view, from NWA to Seattle, Washington, where I met Kelley Nikondeha and Sarah Bessey. Between here and there is desert and mountain like I’ve never seen. I was thankful for the rough air. If I could take a picture of the wind, I would tattoo it on my arms because every shift of it is a metaphor. Who knows where we’ll blow next, but look at the view. Here’s a whole new way of seeing the world.


I do believe I’ll share about my trip to Canada next week in my newsletter, a little peek into the world of She Loves Magazine and of my friendship with Kelly and Sarah. I have book stuff to share, too, which makes this non-squeally girl eek out an awfully girly sound.

While I was away, my boys took over my iPad, so they were giving me a peek into my own insane norm. I missed it.


About a month ago, Seth took me to a place he had visited once. I don’t know how many times I’ve driven past this pottery store between Branson and Fayetteville. How many things are hiding in plain sight? Bird feeders hang there with thick vines strung through. The birds danced around, and a cat stood in a frozen, gliding, deliberate haunch.


We are surrounded by story. There’s a place near you with an old man who collects stories. Go in; ask his name. Pet the big dog. Pick up the thing that catches your eye and ask of it. Watch the man dig his hands in, clay in the fingernails. He knows the names and sees how the glaze came out different on this one. He made something beautiful years ago. He put it to the side on the shelf nearest his eyes. Ask him the things he calls special.

We have a lot to learn from that old man, from the potter.


This summer in Tuscany (I can’t believe I just wrote that), I took a watercolor glass. I was surrounded by ancient rocks and dear friends. Since then, I just want to be a painter. I already told you this last week. Maybe if I keep saying it, I’ll find my way to the water and the brush. Why does it feel like bravery to approach such a thing? I know I make things too precious sometimes.

So instead of painting with the supplies I already have, I went to the art supply store yesterday and bought another brush and a how-to book. I reckon I’m a prepper of sorts.

Anyway, while I was in there surrounded by the coolest erasers on the planet, this song came on by a new-to-me group called Joseph. If you’re a store owner, please play this music. I would like it to be everywhere.

Other Findings

Q Commons: an upcoming event for locals here in Northwest Arkansas

Please join us at Q Commons on February 26th. Our speakers could be considered prophets at home. We’re the ones that say, “Well, isn’t that just Mike Rusch, who eats fish tacos in the downtown Truman Show?” When really he sees the world in a way that might set us on fire. Our other local speakers are the same way. I’m sure there will be an event near you, too, if you’re not local to us Arkansans. So what do you say, locals? I want to know if you’re coming to Q Commons! Register Here.

 Dawn Camp’s The Beauty of Grace

I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. It includes work from some of my favorites and also from both Seth and me.


I’m excited about the quirk to offer next week. This week, Dawn is spreading the news about her book, and she’s letting me give away a copy of The Beauty of Grace! Leave a comment below and tell me what you’re doing today, and I’ll pick a name at random. We’re going to enjoy this one, so don’t be goofy and not say Hi in the comments!

Love y’all. If I paint something, I’ll do my best to make it unprecious so I can show it to you.

See you Monday for February’s Marriage Letter.

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Leia Johnson
Reply January 31, 2015

We're taking the kids roller skating before dropping them off with my parents for a sleepover. Then, it's Thai food and a quadruple feature date night for me and my favorite. Pretty solid Saturday.

    Reply January 31, 2015

    I'd say so, Leia! Man, we need a date night, too. You're inspiring me.

    Calling babysitter now ...

Karen H
Reply January 31, 2015

Enjoying a quiet Saturday morning reading online with my big dogs snuggled up to me. Occasional breaks to let the two foster puppies (11 weeks old?) out to play/potty or just sit on the floor with them for some puppy love!

    Reply January 31, 2015

    That's a good Saturday, Karen. :)

Reply January 31, 2015

groceries; celebrating a coming baby boy; hanging out with some friends for their birthdays!

Reply January 31, 2015

Today I am supposed to clean my house...but the sun is streaming through the window and the tees are frosted I will likely be out hiking if I am honest...

    Reply January 31, 2015

    Honestly, you'd better hike, Melissa!

Gabrielle Marcy
Reply January 31, 2015

I am making potato soup, watching Selma, and working on a design project. :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Leigh Kramer
Reply January 31, 2015

Today I'm recovering from the insanity of this past week. I'm drinking tea and reading good books and wrapping myself in a long cardigan and blankets.

Reply January 31, 2015

No Saturday is complete around here without a trip to Home Depot - there's always project. Today it is electrical stuff - switch plates and dimmer switches and LED bulbs and whatnot. Also: carpooling to a kids' birthday party, cooking dinner (what will it be???) and maybe, maybe some writing (that's life in the margins).

Reply January 31, 2015

We're celebrating 21 beautiful, mangled years this weekend! Stayed in an incredible hotel known for it's artwork. So! Much! Fun!

Shelly R
Reply January 31, 2015

I'm sitting in the backseat of the car with my 3 year old because she needs me to, as we drive home from hiding away from the world for the week. It was so needed and peaceful and rest. So good.

Susan Moore
Reply January 31, 2015

Starting to write again FINALLY! And spend precious time with my new husband.

Marina Bromley
Reply January 31, 2015

Hey Amber.
You've actually been on my heart lately... for a week or so now. I've been watching the videos from the new Bethel Music cd and seeing Kalley Heiligenthal reminded me of you! Both of you... Cutest hair. Ever.

Today I spent a lot of time listening to that music (it's the best worship at home, or anywhere else stuff) and working on blog stuff, working on MeetMeintheMeadow stuff, working on stuff, and I got to babysit one of my 8 grandkids (gosh, I have EIGHT grandkids now! and another due in June!!).
Then church in Owensboro... (where I live now).
And now, soon, rest.

    Reply February 1, 2015

    Marina, that new Bethel album is amazing, isn't it?

Reply February 1, 2015

We are working on getting our house ready to go on the market, again....trying to downsize!!! Our new realtor is hard core and wants us to almost completely strip our home of personal items. We've lived here for many years and raised 3 man-children, all of whom are now out of the nest. Keeping my eye on the end goal and buckling down. There are many small projects to be tackled!

Kim Johnson
Reply February 2, 2015

I'm working and planning some fun things for our youth group. Love your writing!

Kim J

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