All Things New: Hope in the Waiting


 “I embraced him and said, “We’ll have to wait it out.”

This is advice that his mother has difficulty following—this waiting. I, too, am a first-born child. I know the expectation and desire to know it all now, to be there already. I have a gift for seeing end goals and potential for others and myself. Usually this means that reality doesn’t line up with what I believe to be possible. Since I was a little girl I knew I would one day be a writer. I never would have guessed I would also be a mother to four sons and wife to such a good man as my husband. All of these roles are constant opportunities to witness my shortcomings and see the fulfillment of Christ’s promises to us—of redemption, of healing, of his faithfulness. The trouble is, I don’t live life saying, look here at this holy opportunity.”

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