I found this and other photos like it on my phone. These are Jude’s things: his guitar, sketch journal, art pens, scraps of paper with his poetry, and pamphlets from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. I remember doing the same thing. I would look down at how I had surrounded myself with books and journals and album covers, and it would make me happy. Through the years, I have taken this exact photograph, so I know what he was thinking when he took it. He thought: This is what becomes me; this is what gives me gladness, and this is what I have to offer. 



These are my siblings, and it’s true – they got an extra heap of beautiful when God made them. My baby brother Scotty is on his way to me now, and I wish he could grow wings and get here faster. We are going to drink so much coffee and be such quirky people. We don’t have to hide it when we’re together.

Scotty is the one with dark hair. He’s gorgeous, but don’t let that fool you. He is the goofiest human on the planet, the baby of the family, and I promise my stomach will hurt from laughing by the time he’s gone. Also, he’s a magician. As in, he can confuse the mess out of you. My boys think he hung the moon.

So off I go to fold about 13 loads of clothes, so we can sit on the couch together.

While I’m folding, would you consider the following links?

If someone forced us to write down what we believe about this or that, Kelley Nikondeha and I would prove to have fairly different theologies. YET I can’t get enough of her. She makes my perception thick with meaning. God multiplies in size. She makes me love how different we are. There’s a freedom song about her, and it’s so catchy that I find myself singing it, too. Read the way Kelley imagines scripture here with On the Shores of the Great River.

She says: “This is our story – nothing is too small when in service to God’s freedom song.”


We get a snippet from Rebekah Lyons’ IF preach  this week on her blog, and I feel it in my bones. Please, please, I dare you to read CONFESSION for the CHURCH:

“It’s no different now. In our limited capacity we thought it impossible to relive the early church, but turns out God has a new plan. He’s rebuilding his church yet again, by destroying the temple pillars. The institutions. The mega-machines. The consumerism and the church-in-the-box. Because they were greedy and arrogant, yet cowardice in their conviction. Where is the conviction of men? Of women? Where is the anointing of the Holy Spirit? It’s gone. It’s been stripped away. Because man has played God, and God will not tolerate it.

So run to the fledgling. The young and the pure. The decentralized. The marginalized. The least of these. Run to these churches and minister each day. Each and every day like in Acts.”


Lord willing’, Seth and I will be pre-conference speakers at the upcoming Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference in Portland, OR. I would love to meet any of you there.

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You can now pre-order Jessica Turner’s upcoming book The Fringe Hours!

NOW DANCE! Happy weekend, friends!

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