Findings: the Church, the Pancakes, and the birds


“If I had never joined a church

till I had found one that was perfect,

I should never have joined one at all;

and the moment I did join it, if I had found one,

I should have spoiled it,

for it would not have been a perfect church

after I had become a member of it.

Still, imperfect as it is,

it is the dearest place on earth to us.”

Charles Spurgeon


Every week I learn something new about the Anglicans. This week I learned that they (we) eat pancakes for Fat Tuesday and call it Shrove Tuesday. I don’t know what a shrove is and don’t care to look it up just yet. I just know I loved the bacon and being at that long table with my friends.


When we got home, Titus put both hands to his chest and declared his love for Jacy. We finally figured out he was talking about Chase, a man who makes our children feel like honored guests.


Lent is speaking quiet things.  Make space, it says.

Yesterday pink spilled up over the hill as a cloud of black birds descended like a net thrown at a catch in the yard. There was a mystery beneath their pecking blanket, life in the rising mud, white ground receding to the edges. The bulbs are reaching their arms up through the snow. Resurrection is happening.


I wish you could have heard these two birds singing. People are singing everywhere. How can we not? But, too, we are brought low this week. Is the same Spirit who carried 21 martyrs to glory going to carry us into our own brave unknowns? Shhhh.

A mystery is happening. Are you listening?

Let it be so. Let’s live into this terribly holy amen.

Please join us with your church in prayer tomorrow: 21 Martyrs.

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Shelly Miller
Reply February 21, 2015

Amber, I love the way you think. I'm an Anglican, my husband is actually an Anglican priest and we are moving to London in a few weeks. I love seeing my heritage through new eyes. It's encouraging and inspiring.

Reply February 23, 2015

Love the quote from Spurgeon (so true...) and the sharing of traditions of your fellowship <3
But so very thankful for the link to 21 - will be passing along to friends and joining you in prayer at 7:03. For all those whose names we DON'T know...but God does <3
Each life, each death, precious in His sight

Reply March 1, 2015

Hey! I'm new here- found ya through Lori Harris' FB rec :) Love, love, love your story and your writing and am ready to sign the BFF contract. Also excited to read this cuz there aren't many Anglican bloggers, at least in my sphere anyway. I'm Catholic, another rare phenomenon in the circle that I tend to read. Anyway yay for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! We had donuts at our house, but potato potahto. I so look forward to reading much more (I'll be trolling the archives for days).

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