The Great Small


“I stand in rows anonymous.” Jorie Graham’s poetry jumps into my mind as I dance between lines of mulch. There’s the left lean to the ground with two gloved hands scooping, the black wood gathered up, and then the swing right for the drop in the rich line between planting rows.

I’m becoming a vegetable gardener and a flower gardener. I pat the ground around my seeds, like I did my babies’ bottoms when I rocked them. These are like promises to me, future givers in tiniest form: the basil seeds before the joy of pesto and the helpless wrap of fingers in my hair as I nurse.

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clash of clans
Reply January 30, 2016

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Reply February 2, 2016

Midway between a video game and a good interactive cartoon, the concept behind every game developed by Ankama is as distinctive as
the next.

gemmes clash of clans
Reply February 11, 2016

They can turn a good uncool parent into someone
a child can tolerate for more than one hour, and
maybe even bond with.

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