Growing Down

Sometimes I wonder if our kids will grow up better if we’d grow down a little -remember what it is to be a child – not deep down, but right out on the surface.

Sometimes I wonder if our kids will grow up better if we’d grow down a little, remember what it is to be a child – not deep down, but right out on the surface.


To put on a serious face and turn up an oyster, to look for the shark, to scream at a pier of strangers when the bird nearly takes your head off?

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My best vacations and my most restful moments are the ones wherein I forget my age.


I look in the mirror and gasp a little that I’m not the one with a gap-tooth smile.


I can stand in the waves for hours because laughter is fuel.


I close my eyes and let the waves come. Everything’s going to be okay.


I don’t have to be seen. I am occupied with art, with the making and the seeing of it made.

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I’m aiming for simpler things these days. The brief, the unhindered, and the relished.


My Seth Haines took these amazing photos, and I think he’s so handsome and smart. Don’t you?


This book right here is coming out August 4th. It’s my story, and I’m thankful for it.

Pre-order yours! The price is lower today, and I’d love for you to read it.


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Debi Schuhow
Reply June 26, 2015

Yes, the rest that comes with self-forgetfulness.

Jody Collins
Reply June 26, 2015

Amber I hope to meet you in person someday to tell you how much I appreciate you and your words and to agree, yes, your husband is kind and smart and all the rest. And your kids are adorable.
And I, too, have wondered at the photos from days gone by.......from the other side. Snapshots on my frig of my grandkids next to my son at that age, 6-8 ish, and wondering, 'wait? is that my son or my grandson?' and the joy in their faces which takes me back to simpler times.
Thank you for this photo essay.
(and the Close Encounter with a Pelican? Got a photo of my own like that.....they're amazing.)

Reply June 27, 2015

Indeed! Some of my happiest memories and best experiences are when I don't think about how others expect me to act and simply react to something at the purest level, both on the inside and the outside. Playing in the mud with my boys is one of my favorite ways to do this. :-)

Reply June 29, 2015

So few words, such a deep experience!
Thank you for reminding me to be grow down. To play like a child and be so immersed in the moment that I forget the passing of time.
Yes, unhindered.

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