Wild in the Hollow: the video

I have many thoughts leading up to this video, on what it means to be a Christian artist, and I hope to share them Friday. For now, please see what my friend Mark did. He has been a digital storyteller for years and has recently started his own company. He bossed me around, made us this video, and I am so grateful.

Email subscribers may need to click through to watch! It would be an honor for you to share it with your people.

Wild in the Hollow’s official launch is in one week!

Mark began Matthews Media and is booked until the Spring, except a few dates in August. I highly recommend.
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Reply July 29, 2015

Already having finished your book I appreciate the beauty of this video even more. Cheering you on.

Lynn D. Morrissey
Reply July 29, 2015

Amber, such a lyrical, heartfelt and beautiful video. Very excited to read your book! Congratulations and all my best, always.

Reply July 29, 2015

Shared on the small platform I have. I've read your words for a long time now, and when I haven't, I go back to them for a dose of inspiration to make me get out some ideas of my own. I'm very happy that you've shared your story. I hope it brings a lot of healing in the hurt.

Sarah Mae
Reply July 29, 2015

just so beautiful.

Helen Washington
Reply July 29, 2015

I read your beautiful book two weekends ago. Thank you for your courage, honesty, transparency and being so generous with your life and experiences. I turn 51 next month and I am so thankful and proud of the women (like you) who are coming into the fullness of womanhood and under the grace of Christ who have courage to throw open doors of real life. There has been too much hiding and pretending. Your book was exquisite and life-giving, thank you!

Reply July 31, 2015

Absolutely beautiful. The cinematography and the words. Okay, and you! :) Shared this on my FB page and can't wait to read.

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