Born of Desire

“Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.” James 1:15 (NIV)

Amber Haines

What a dreadful verse for me to write about here, I know, but when the fog and fear of grief landed on me the year after my baby was in the hospital, I broke down, and I need to say this: I became fractured.

I desperately wanted control of my son’s health, and for that matter, I wanted control of anything in my proximity. This is how I thought I could hold myself together … how I thought I could hold the whole world together.

It’s interesting how sin creates a role reversal between God and us, and often when we’re in the midst of it, we don’t see what we’re doing. There’s no way we would purposely go into a situation and say, “Yeah, I think I would like to bear the weight of the world here.” Instead, those thoughts are more like tiny seeds inside us, and these seeds are often the hidden seeds of desire.

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Reply July 30, 2015

this is so hard to when you feel no relief in other areas, you see friends with clean homes in fb but your family are hoarders and everything is wrobg at once bc your life wracked w difficulty and trouble after trouble its easy to get bitter when other christians have it easier then you. so when God comes to you about said vice you need to give up, its like really God?I have a serious attitude. im all il give up shopping when u give me a husband to help me with my housework or ill give this when u heal my mom of dementia. well I would do said thing if you give me a break. so I know but its still hard.

Reply August 2, 2015

Amber, I happened upon your blog years ago and have been an infrequent visitor ever since (as I am with everything on the and there...forgetting the good ones, then coming back). So, I came back the other day and saw you had written a book. I downloaded it on my kindle and finished it in almost a sitting. I just wanted to say thank you. THANK YOU. I can't seem to find words to express what I'm experiencing spiritually so I won't try. But please know that a 36 year old momma of 3 in Texas is grateful to you for sharing your story and the Lord is using your poetic words to stir a new thing in me. Blessings!!

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