Celebrating Wild in the Hollow


I never gave the mountains a chance because every time I’m offered the ocean, I take it. In the first fruits of summer, we took our four boys to the Gulf, and we held hands on the shore. There is no beating a mighty, unruly thing that teams with such life. In light of the white underbellies of shark-swells beneath the pier, and the saucer-ed, slow-motion rippling of sting rays, or thousands of bait fish in sudden appearance on the beach, we were so small. We were the beautiful cheetah pattern on the fleck of broken shell amid the vast, up-washed piles of broken things. How long did it take that shell to make, to break, to get here?

And nothing comforts me more. The small before the grand.

We let lose, laughing, less self-conscious, knowing there is nothing we can do here but let our bodies jiggle how they do and listen to the waves, knowing there are millions of waves on back – great crashing things only God can see.


Wild in the Hollow releases today.

This wave feels big to me now. It could knock me down, but on back are greater things. There’s the whole ocean to consider, which is the entire point. We are part of a great thing.

Of all the words, mine are a pinch of salt to the sea, but I invite you today, because it is the launch day of Wild in the Hollow, to pick up my story and see the Creator there, see His magnificence. It took me 35 years to live it and more than a year to write it, and maybe for a moment of glory along the shore, you will pick it up and give your only wow to my Jesus.

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If you would like to help spread the word, here’s a link to some super easy ways to do it. 

Thank you for celebrating with me and for sharing my words with your friends. It is my greatest honor.

THANK YOU!!! Thank you! Thank you.

See the Wild in Hollow book page for all the ways to find it.

Now everybody grab your kids or the cat and have a kitchen dance party. This morning feels like a finish line. Ah, but we’re just beginning – so shake it.

If you want to celebrate with us in real life, come on to Fayetteville! You’re invited. 
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Robin Dance
Reply August 4, 2015

There is a time...to dance!

And isn't that time now?

There's such beauty in the broken, and when the story comes to life (because it IS a life), I see God in the center, delighting in faithful stewardship to tell it well and honestly.

The ocean is perfect metaphor for this day.

I can barely stand it :).

Reply August 4, 2015

Just bought it! I've heard so many amazing things about this book, I just HAD to get it. Can't wait to step into your memoir.


    Reply August 4, 2015

    Thank you, Nell. Dang, I love your name!

      Reply August 4, 2015

      Does it sound like nail when you pronounce it? My best friend in NC says it like Nail and it always makes me smile.


        Reply August 4, 2015

        Not in my mind, it doesn't ... but then I said it out loud, and there I went - Nail. I love it.

Jacque Watkins
Reply August 4, 2015

I'm late to the party of knowing you, but that doesn't make it less sweet. The ocean. Your pinch of salt. The grandeur of Him meeting each one of us in our brokenness and us exchanging our shame for His grace. May many see Him through this wild hollow and never be the same. So much love..like Robin, I can hardly stand it. xoxo

Reply August 4, 2015

I wrote a review for your book that I feared failed to give it all the love it so deserved. I was as captivated by your style as by your story...I chased back and forth between them. I was in a writing slump of my own, and your book breathed some life back into me. Your story showed me places in my own where Jesus has much work to do if I will let him. Thank you for laboring to write this. You're a delight.

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