Saturday News: On Moving and Giveaway Winners


I absolutely cannot believe I’ve waited this long to tell you, but we’re moving! Again. Don’t make fun of me. It’s mortifying that we’ve moved once a year for maybe five years now, but every time we become more what I see as the intentioned version of ourselves. I want to give you some good, juicy details of the whole thing, but for now just sit in on this awesome podcast conversation between Tsh and me. She is one of my closest girlfriends, and I want you all to know her. I get to talk a little about my move on the Simple Show and let you in on what I do to keep from the crazy. Listen in!

We move from the little green house a week from today, and soon I’ll reveal the name of the new house. There’s always a good narrative to go with a name, isn’t there? Remember the Rock House?

And the Giveaway Winners Are [drumrollllll ……]

This morning I got to announce the winners of the DaySpring giveaway on Facebook. Check it out to see if you’re one of the ten to win a copy of my book Wild in the Hollow and some cool jewelry.

I’m grateful to Revell Publishing Group for more reasons than I can count. They offered you book store lovers awesome gifts from Barnes and Noble! The two $50 gift card winners are Pterodashley and Emily Green Jones, and the Nook GlowLight winner is Jordeekopke.

Last but Not Least: Two Books

Simply-Tuesday-3D2If you don’t already have Simply Tuesday on your to-read list, please do it. I cannot express what a quiet and powerful spirit Emily Freeman has in real life. He makes me want to laugh more. She always helps me see the big picture, and she gives gentle nudges that act like a shock of awakeness. She helps me see how surrounded I am by gifts, and I cannot wait to read this book.

9780310343646_p0_v3_s192x300Basically, Seth’s book is going to rock your socks off. Did you know he’s my husband, because he is, and I love him. I lived Coming Clean with him, and I believe it’s the exact thing the church needs right now. If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, please do. You can also enter the giveaway on Goodreads!

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Jenny Beth Walker
Reply August 23, 2015


I love, really love the journey God has had you on and where it has taken you. I just listened to the podcast and really appreciate when you's like all your moves have lead you to where you are, you've been saving everything for this home. Oh I just think that's awesome! Says so much about our God and how He sees the big picture! Thanks so much for sharing! I've learned so much from your book and am on the last 10 pages but I don't want it to end. Ha!

Reply August 28, 2015

Dear Amber,

My husband and I are moving overseas in a few weeks, and I decided to wait to start your book until the long flight there because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to put it down. :-) Your desire to share your story is inspiring to me, more than I could say in this little comment box.

And thank you so much for the nook! So exciting :-) I was wondering if I missed something on how to claim it?

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