Wild in the Hollow Book Club: an Introductory video


Friends, today is the day you can begin a Wild in the Hollow book club with your friends. Every Friday, I’ll provide a video for two chapters at a time, so if you want to meet every other week, you’ll have conversation starters for 4 chapters at a pop. It seems I’m stretching it out a little too much, but by the time the book is over, I hope you’ll find it was never about the book. I hope you find that all along it was about you and your people knowing what it is you really want and seeking what really satisfies. I hope you find freedom.

Before you get started, I strongly encourage you to buy Wild in the Hollow in bulk from Givington’s, who offers a great price and gives a nice portion to the charity of your choosing.


If you go ahead and watch the video today, it will not spoil your time with your friends. I believe it will give you something good to think about. Better yet, there’s no way to guess how powerful it will be to speak your story and your revelations out loud with your friends. This will be no ordinary Book Club. My videos will – by far – be the most unpolished and unprofessional things you’ve ever seen, and that’s perfectly fine by me (though I’ll try to get better at it.) My aim in creating these isn’t so you’ll be impressed with me but rather so you’ll walk toward freedom together with your friends, unafraid of the broken way, creating the culture of the weak-strong that the power of Christ may rest on you. It’s a most beautiful paradox.

Today we start at the beginning. I introduce Wild in the Hollow to you here and hope you’ll respond by introducing yourselves – even if you’re among old friends. Remember back. Where are you from? Tell us what home means to you.

May I also apologize for the shaky recording? Email subscribers, you may want to click through to the post!

Also this is a late-coming update to the post, but please do listen to Crystal Stine‘s Periscope Book Club on Wild in the Hollow. Here’s her video on the first three Chapters. That girl is seriously blinded by love. She lives to encourage, so just follow her.

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Trish Pederson
Reply August 28, 2015

You really should get this book! I consumed it in three days like it was the best comfort food Arkansas had to offer! My grandma is from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas and I know comfort food! I also crave stories that prick and spill a little blood. It's worth the stain if I can't get it off my heart. Amber's story has gently led me back to places I prayed I would never have to revisit. With the tenderness of a Holy hand, I was able to face past darkness swaddled in incomprehensible peace and let the dam break all over my blog. Thank you for encouraging me, Amber, and Happy moving days!

Ann Kroeker
Reply August 29, 2015

We have some hollers here in Indiana, too, Amber. Not from mountain foothills, but the rolling hills in southern Indiana create ravines that we called hollers.

Also, I love that you're getting stories in return for sharing your story. Scott Russell Sanders says “I choose to write about my experience not because it is mine, but because it seems to me a door through which others might pass” Your experience, captured in Wild in the Hollow, opened a door through which others might pass. And you are there to welcome them.

    Reply August 31, 2015

    Ann, I love that quote! Thank you for this. You encouraged me this weekend. :)

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