The Healing of Desire


Last Sunday, during communion I dipped the bread in the wine, because I have the sniffles, and I prayed the bread down slowly. I believe like a child that His body and blood heals us, and He never stops ministering to his people. It seems the more I open myself up to Christ’s ministry toward me, the more in love I am with his people.

Some Sundays after communion, I slip to the side and stand there with a few others in case anyone wants to pray. I stood to the side of the congregation, and I had to hold it together. I love those people. I think of them constantly with awe and care. When we take him in, I believe we become like him.

It’s a theme in my life to ask people to look deeper within. What are you harboring there? Do you feel divided? Is unforgiveness (toward the church, maybe) eating you up?

Today I share a post on the LifeWay blog, Shelf Life, and I would love for you to join me there.

“There is hardly healing of the self outside the church because the Spirit always moves us forward into living as our whole selves, as friends who love what he loves, and he loves us, the church. He makes us whole as individuals, and then we are propelled forward with desire to be healing agents of his kingdom. It is about the whole of us, global.”

photo by my man, Seth Haines


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