When You’re Not the Fixer

Laughter is a rare exchange - an element in friendship that lightens my load.

My closest girlfriends have nicknamed my therapist Marg, probably because I talk about her so much. I’m already an introspective woman, but it’s amazing what a good therapist can cull out of you.

Once in a good season I threatened Marg that I’d cause trouble in my own life just to be able to keep seeing her. Sometimes I go in there and bawl my little cliché head off, but other times I go in there and we slap our knees. We laugh hard together. I tell her my funny stories, and it feels a lot like friendship, except I pay her and she can question my motives at every turn and bold-faced call me names like martyr. Once I considered breaking up with her as my therapist just so we could be actual friends, but wisdom told me better.

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Reply October 26, 2015

Hi:) Read this over at incourage... I wanted to come say hi and thanks for sharing! Sending prayers, love and blessings your way. May God bring complete healing and peace to you and all of yours, amen. Have a wonderful day!

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