If Love is the Only Goal



“Somehow letter-writing opened something in me and protected me from the fear, because my expectations for myself were simply that I show my friend that I love her. Both times I began to write not knowing what would come of my words beyond the greeting and mention of the weather. Then a part of my heart came through, and because I’m a writer, my words weren’t a ministry only to my friend. They were a ministry to me. This, I believe, is a gorgeous part of being a follower of Christ. Our gifts are for the world and the church, and our gifts are also the Spirit within us ministering to our own souls. It’s the paradox of becoming full as we pour out.

If love is the only goal, then I wonder what can hold us back?”

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Reply January 4, 2016

Thank you for being obedient to your writing, Amber. I'm thankful for the Divine timing of this post (instead of my Monday guest post in your series) because I truly needed these words today. <3

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