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Dear Friends, 

My hands are open here. I wrote Wild in the Hollow on some bold days, and my hope for this book is that it gets to those who need it. I wrote it to show who I believe Jesus is and to show the kind of folks He came for.

If you’ve asked how you can come alongside me as I send Wild in the Hollow out into the world, I’m hoping the following ideas will make it easy for you. Most of it is simply copy and paste. 

Thank you for opening your hands with me, thank you for praying, and thank you most of all for not being afraid of brokenness. 


Amber C Haines

Here are some ideas.

{Thank you.}

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“There’s no [rest] for the one who desires to fit but doesn’t believe she’s loved.” #WildInTheHollow Tweet This

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What I Desire: How What I Want Points to the Kingdom I Serve

How the Broken Way Led Me Home

Kingdom Come: The Satisfied Culture

When the Church Doesn’t Fit or Fix You – but You ARE the Church

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{Simply copy and paste}

“To the eye, repentance is not as sexy as a garage sale for orphans. Repentance involves sorrow, and in the sorrow, I had to realize the difference between grief and guilt.”  #WildintheHollow


“He makes us whole as individuals, and then we are propelled forward with desire to be healing agents of his kingdom.” #WildintheHollow


Read this from #WildintheHollow and then go read the whole book! “Once I dangled from our Appalachian Mountain on a tire swing, my hands choking the rope, body spinning fast round. The pines climbed to heaven and shivered, letting go the needles. I was in the safe, invisible arms, my Father’s world. Then the terrible scream of a wildcat echoed into the hollow from right nearby, and I fell and hit the ground as the wind picked up in a furious howl, chasing me into the house, then blowing down the hill through a field of bitterweed. The wind took up the small places, the black knots in dead wood and the frilly powdered undersides of mushrooms. The maypops and pecan hulls, every one encased by the wind, their scents rode on it and pushed at Mama Lois’s rippling pond while cattails danced. There’s something out there. I knew it then, and I know it now—something bigger and other. The terrible and the beautiful are watching me.”

There’s a love story in this book, and I want you to read it! “I have a vision of us in our old age. Seth will pat my rear, take me around the world, and suffer my preaching. He will get me approximately twenty-two thousand glasses of water before bed and go looking for my lost phone at least half as many times. I will watch his butt disappear straight into his back. His hair will turn white, and mine will thin into flat ashen brown. He will look on as I droop and shimmy into jeans, and he will see the girl behind my eyes. He will sing to me. One of us will hear the other whisper to angels. There will be a sigh, a last strained grip of our hands, and then a slip behind the veil. Our bodies will cling even after one has gone. I have seen what we will become.”

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